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Catchin da bugs for the massive bells at AAC 8D

Unfortunately most ran away before I could approach them cause they were golden cosplayers. BU BUT I DID CATCH A RARE GORGEOUS THUMBELINA BEETLE

(Thanks to sailinginstars/lifegivesmemelons for the photo! If you’re this Thumbelina, please let me know so I can credit you! ;v;


Mayor Renee debates whether or not to bow to a Norse God

Instead she decides Loki is actually a wilted flower and waters them

(photo taken thanks to sailinginstars or livegivesmemelons (sorry can’t remember which bby took it! ;v;)! If you are the Loki here, please let me know so I can credit you!)


Ofc I had to get some pictures with the Reese and Cyrus Friday! YES I MAY OR MAY NOT HAVE ‘CAUGHT’ THAT SHARK WITH MY NET SUP HATERS

Bonus thanks to the Sanshee table right in front of mine for loaning that Bell bag for the minishoot! I later bought it and it was good.

Reese and Cyrus, if you’re on here and see this, let me know who you are so I can credit you!

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