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Buying/Trading Ice Lamps and Ice Closet


Ok, after doing extensive snowflake catching, I’m still short two Ice Lamps and an Ice Closet from having two full sets. In addition to that, I’d really like three more Ice Lamps, so I’m looking for 5 Ice Lamps in total. I’m just frustrated because I’ve been catching so many and I keep getting repeat items, mostly Vanity pieces. >A<

So, here’s some Ice pieces I’m offering in exchange. I can do two pieces for each Ice piece I do not have, or two rare hybrids of your choice, or 400K bells per piece. (I have literally all the hybrids- if you want something like pink or purple roses that can definitely be done too.)

  • Ice dresser x1
  • Ice chair x3
  • Ice vanity x5 
  • Ice floor x2
  • Ice wall x2
  • Ice clock x1
  • Ice sofa x2
  • Ice bed x1

If you are a good duper, I can also offer you the complete Ice set and my crown to dupe if you’d like, as technically I do have every piece on me. I’d also like to dupe up a few Afternoon Tea Sets if you’re interested ;0

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