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In honour of reaching over 400 followers I will draw your mayor or resident (your choice) in an art style of your choice. either a full coloured full body like these [xx] or a full coloured cheeb like these [xxx]


  1. you must be following me
  2. likes and reblogs both count
  3. have your ask box open!! or you won’t get nuthin’

there will be 3 winners and the giveaway ends August 10th

I have been trying for AGES to look for purple pansies (using fertilizer!! And I can only get orange and red from these suckers why sobs) with absolutely no luck :C At this point I honestly would benefit more from just buying a few.

So please, sell me just 2-3 purple pansies!! I also have a BUNCH of bushes, mushrooms, or perfect oranges, as well as some blue/purple roses or carnations I can do a 1-to-1 ratio trade with! If you just want bells, name your price in my inbox! Seriously, I’m pretty desperate. ;_;

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